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Example of 150% increased yield!


Customer was molding Rx lenses and receiving between 70-80% yields in a 4 cavity mold with a cycle time of 5 minutes. Production was at 1,152 lenses per mold per 24 hour period. At 70-80% yield they net between 807-922 per day with the 4 cavity mold.


We designed and built a new 6 cavity mold with improved cooling and venting. Yields increased to 95-98%, and cycle time decreased to 4 minutes. With the new 6 cavity mold they produced 2,160 lenses per 24 hour period yielding a net of between 2,052-2,117.


A 20% reduction of cycle time and 2 additional parts per cycle because of the increased cavitation (old mold 4 cavity new mold 6 cavity). An overall lens production increase of 150%. They immediately ordered 5 additional 6 cavity molds. The molds have been running issue-free for over a year.



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