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How we provide innovative solutions for our customers!

Our focus is on servicing all of the needs of our customers by providing innovative solutions. We not only provide single cavity prototype short run tools, but we also offer full turnkey molding system solutions that shortens our customer’s return-on-investment cycle:

  • 3-d mold design and mold building
  • Injection molding up to 220 US tons
  • Robotics for runner and part removal
  • The latest in plastic processing equipment technology
  • Turnkey system (production cell) testing in our facility
  • Placement into customer’s facility
  • Training on operation and maintenance of system


  • Our molds are designed and built with interchangeability in mind
  • Spare components will fit into any mold cavity pocket with no additional fitting or machining
  • The ability to reproduce any component of the mold at a later date

Unique Features

  • Vacuum venting
  • Simplification of design ensures for easy disassembly of the mold for maintenance and service
  • Option to have cavity and core blocks removable from parting line with the mold still in the molding machine
  • Customer production cell placement at Dauntless
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • For optical tooling, Dauntless has developed a proprietary approach for your manufacturing needs.

Advanced Options

  • Integration of in process monitoring equipment to aid in the development of process, and to insure consistent part quality.
  • Bolt-on hot runner systems; hot tip, valve gate and thermal sprue.
  • The ability to control a hot runner valve gate with the molding machine functions by way of closed loop monitoring.

Average Timeframes

  • Design: 1 to 3 weeks
  • Build: 5 to 12 weeks (depending on complexity & need)
  • Testing of mold or turnkey system: 1 to 4 weeks


What a Dauntless tool will provide:

  • Minimum 30-day preventative maintenance cycle
  • Certified materials and steel treatments
  • Trouble-shooting your manufacturing problems
  • Material selection based on best solution for your application
  • Finishing processes engineered to sustain component life and maintain the integrity of products to be produced.
  • Evergreen policy on production molding at Dauntless Industries.
  • Fast delivery & integration


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